Artificial Turf System


The Strategic Alliance

In order to equip with a state-of-art technologies of sport flooring particularly in artificial turf system, we have established a strategic alliances abroad to adapt the innovative design from top-notch global leaders in the industry such as:-
  • HATKO of Turkey
  • PROMASTER of Australia
  • BELLINTURF of China
Commonly used for football, hockey, rugby, futsal, tennis, lawn bowls, landscape, etc.
Key Benefits of Artificial Turf System:-
  • Long Lasting
  • Quality Manufacturing & Environmental Benefits
  • Cost-effective Start-up
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Increase Performance of the Players
  • Safe Condition for Players, etc
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Product Overviews

Nowadays, the demand for football field installed with artificial turf systems have been very overwhelming. This is simple due to its 'robust' characteristic - sustainability factors for short and long run and represent the most profitable business model in sport industries.
In general, there are two types of artificial turf system, namely Infill System and Non-Infill System.
Infill System consists of Stabilising Infill i.e. Silica Sand, as well as Performance Infill i.e. SBR Granules, whereas Non-Infill System is equipped with frizzy fibers as to ensure the yarn will always stand up and also the prefabricated SBR shockpad is laid for the whole field.
The most expensive facility to build - and not surprisingly there are a very limited facilities nationwide despite its encouraging demand.
In general, there are two types of hockey field as far as artificial turf system is concerned, as follows:-
  • Sand-Dressed/Infill System (For Amateur Leisure, Training or even domestic matches)
  • Non-Infill Wet System (For National & International tournaments)
All the major tournaments i.e. World Cup, are using Non-Infill System as its official fields where the surface is watered prior the game.
Lawn Bowls games have been gaining its own popularity for the past 10 years. This is evident by the encouraging demand especially from government agencies i.e. Ministry of Sports & Youth, public universities, etc.
The uniqueness of lawn bowls games also have managed to attract a younger generation to be part in the industry.
There are numerous designs of the lawn bowls system depending on the manufacturer methods and designs i.e. infill or non-infill systems. All the designs are subject to the approval from its sport governing body i.e. WORLD BOWLS.
Landscape turf is getting more and more recognition as an alternative to natural grass due to its very low maintenance and natural looks. It is available in different choices i.e. thickness, density, type of yarn, etc, of which suitable for all kind of applications such as:-
  • Indoor & Outdoor Landscaping
  • Children’s Playground
  • Garden & Golf Walkway
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Residential & Commercial’s Balcony, etc

Key Benefits of Landscape Turf:-

  • Multipurpose Product & Easy Installation
  • Obvious Aesthetics
  • Safe Condition for Children to Play
  • Free Maintenance – No Moving, Weeding, Cutting, etc

Project Profiles

  • Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan , Pahang (Lawn Bowls)
  • Kompleks Sukan Seremban, N. Sembilan (Lawn Bowls)
  • Kompleks Sukan Langkawi, Kedah (Lawn Bowls)
  • Kompleks Sukan Gong Badak, Terengganu (Lawn Bowls)
  • Bukit Jambul Complex Soccer Club, P.Pinang (Futsal)
  • SportsCity Kamunting, Perak (Futsal)
  • SportCity Futsal Section 19 PJ, Selangor (Futsal)
  • Score! Arena, Kuchai Lama, Kuala lumpur (Futsal)
  • The Roof Futsal Klang, Selangor (Futsal)
  • Park Avenue Hotel, Sg Petani (Landscape)
  • Sports Planet Sunway, Selangor (Futsal)
  • 4G3 & 4G4 Administrative Buildings, Putrajaya (Landscape)
  • The Ampwalk, Kuala Lumpur (Landscape)
  • Kompleks Rakan Muda, Alor Gajah, Melaka (Football Turf)
  • Kompleks Sukan TUDM, Sendayan, N.Sembilan (Hockey Turf)
  • and the list goes on